Deposit Policy

Current as of September 19, 2023

At Panhandle Transportation Group, we have established a deposit policy to ensure a seamless booking experience and maintain our commitment to providing exceptional service. The following guidelines outline our deposit policy:


Reservation Deposit:

  1. Customers must pay a deposit at the time of booking to secure their reservation with Panhandle Transportation Group.
  2. Due to limitations in the payment software, we cannot schedule a deposit with the remainder due on the same day.  So, trips scheduled on the same calendar day will have to prepay the entire trip.
  3. Our team will inform customers of the exact deposit amount upon confirming their reservation.
  4. Customers can pay the deposit using a valid credit card or any other approved payment method accepted by Panhandle Transportation Group.
  5. There is a 3.5% convenience fee added for all credit/debit card transactions.


Deposit Deadline:

  1. Customers are required to submit the deposit within a specified time-frame, typically 4 hours from the time of booking, unless otherwise stated during the reservation process.
  2. Failure to submit the deposit within the given deadline may result in cancellation of the reservation.


Cancellation and Refunds:

  1. In the event of a cancellation, customers must notify us as soon as possible. The cancellation policies may vary based on the service and booking type, and our team will communicate them during the reservation process.
  2. Full refunds for cancellations will be provided according to service type. The refund amount may be subject to deductions based on the timing of the cancellation and any applicable fees.


Deposit Application:

  1. The deposit amount paid by customers will be applied towards the total cost of the reservation.
  2. Once the service with Panhandle Transportation Group is completed, any remaining balance will be settled as per the agreed-upon terms and conditions.


Changes to Reservations:

  1. If customers need to make changes to their reservation after paying the deposit, they should contact our team as soon as possible.
  2. Depending on the nature of the changes, additional charges or adjustments to the deposit amount may be applicable. Our team will assist customers with any modifications and inform them of any associated fees, if applicable.


Please note that this deposit policy applies to all reservations made with Panhandle Transportation Group, Inc. The policy is subject to change without prior notice, but any changes will not affect reservations made prior to the change.

We kindly ask customers to carefully review and understand this deposit policy before making their reservation. If there are any questions or need for further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Thank you for choosing Panhandle Transportation Group. We look forward to serving you and providing a memorable transportation experience.